'BEACH-STRESS'... The feeling you get when you go to the beach to enjoy the water with friends or family and have to leave your wallet, keys and phone - unprotected on the beach!



The reason I created this simple low-tech thing was so that I could go in the water with my wife and friends without having to worry about someone walking by and ripping us off - Period.

Unlike most thefts, beach thefts are perpetrated using a very subtle MO. A thief walks along the beach looking for a target - in this case, an unattended towel with a bag or backpack on it. Once located, they walk by and subtly pick up the bag and continue walking.


They don't sit down and rifle through the bag looking for valuables OR noticing that the bag is connected to something – get up and start tugging on it until either the braided stainless steel cable fails OR they successfully pull out the deeply embedded 15" anchor. Both of these actions are too conspicuous!

In reality, the thief will pick up the bag, notice in milliseconds that it is attached to something, drop the bag and continue walking.

It's easier to scout for another target than risk getting caught playing around with a protected one... 



You're trying to hang in the water with friends or family but keep on 'beach-stressing' that someone's going to grab your bag on the beach...

Eliminate 'BEACH-STRESS' with the BEACH-LOC !!

Just screw it into the sand, secure your valuables to it using the braided steel cables provided and CHILL! Any would-be thief who tries to walk by and pick up your bag and keep on walking will quickly realize that your bag is connected to something, drop the bag and keep on walking...

See what customers are saying about Beach-Loc!

LOVE IT! For the first time, I was able to chill in the water without having to look back at my towel every second to make sure someone isn't trying to rip me off. Great product!!!

– Tony T. - Toronto, Canada

Great little device! Simple and easy to set up and WOW does it work! Highly recommend it!

– Bill N. - Newport Beach, RI

Nice to be able to go in the water with my friends without worrying that someone is going to walk away with my beach bag! Thank you BEACH-LOC!

– Anna K. - Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Taking the family to the beach has always stressed me out a little... Playing in the water with my wife and kids was never totally relaxing because I was always looking back to where our towels and bags were to make sure that they were safe. For the first time EVER I was able to enjoy my time with the family in the water playing frisbee etc. without looking back at our things every second... It took a little getting used to at first but after a while, I actually only looked over to our things every now and then more so for the seagulls than the thieves!. My peace of mind was worth 10x what I paid for this thing! Thanks guys!!!

– Yitzhak & Family - Boca, FL.

You guys ROCK! Now I can chill in the water without worrying about my stuff. Last week I was at the beach with some friends and when they saw me screwing my BEACH-LOC into the sand they were like - What's that yellow thing... I told them that's my little secret weapon against beach robbers. Since then two of my buddies bought BEACH-LOCS of their own.

– Eduardo S. - Miami, FL.

Me and my girlfriend like to go to the beach but I am always afraid someone is going to steal our things. I am happy I found this product online. It is very good and the price is good.

– Cheng L. - Venice Beach, CA.


My name is Peter AND I created BEACHLOC. WHY?

It’s simple – I just wanted to go in the water with my family without having to worry that someone was going to walk off with our unprotected bag. Unlike most thefts - beach thefts are very subtle. Once a thief identifies an unattended item of interest such as a bag or backpack, they casually walk by, pick it up and continue walking unnoticed as if they own it.

BUT in the same scenario, with a BEACHLOC Protected bag – a thief would notice in milliseconds that the bag is somehow secured, causing them to drop the bag immediately and continue on their way - so as to not draw any unnecessary attention. It's far easier to scout for another target - then risk getting caught.

BEACHLOC - A simple, yet effective way to ELIMINATE BEACH STRESS!!!!